Porsche Design Custom-Built Chronograph



Elements of the legendary sports car were already available for the wrist, but now the new custom-built timepieces truly revolutionize the luxury watch industry. Using the specially developed watch configurator, the timepiece can be made according to your very own liking - from the case and the strap to personal engraving. All built upon the high-performance Porsche Design Chronotimer Series 1 and manufactured in our own watchmaking factory in Switzerland - in line with Porsche production principles and the quality typical of Porsche.

Experience the Porsche Design online watch configurator, explore the multitude of combinations, and design your very own timepiece that perfectly suits you (and your sports car dream).

Once the configuration is complete, you will save your order (using the top right save button) and you will receive a unique code. Please email us this unique code so we can proceed on sending an invoice to you and placing your order for your personal chronograph with us. 



Your watch will be handcrafted according to your specifications at the Porsche Design watch manufacturer in Switzerland. Upon delivery - up to 12 weeks after placing the order - your dream of a sports car on your wrist will become a reality.


Case And Bezel

The program is built upon the Chronotimer Series 1. The case is extremely lightweight, hypoallergenic and highly durable, thanks to the use of high-tech material titanium. The surface if finished in glass bead blasted titanium or classic black.

Dial And Hands

The dials is visually and functionally inspired by the rev counter of the Porsche 911. Has a 7 layer anti reflective sapphire Crystal.'

Strap And Stitching

The titanium bracelet is available with a surface finish in either black or titanium, or as a soft leather strap. With over 14 different color options to match the color palette of the 911 interior. With color contrasting stitching in over 19 different color options in genuine Porsche vehicle thread, you can give the strap that final touch.

Rotor And Movement

A total of six design variants are available for the winding rotor. The characteristics PD icon rotor is classic black or five designs derived from the 911 wheel range. The wheel center is adorned with the Porsche Crest and 24 different paintwork options from the 911 color program are available for the winding rotor.

Rotor and Movement


If desired, the black of the titanium case of the custom-built chronograph can be personalized to your preference with the most modern and precise laser engraving. A maximum of twelve characters provides ample space for a name, license plate number or the vehicle ID number of your sports car.