Escort RedLine EX Radar Detector
Escort RedLine EX Radar Detector
Escort RedLine EX Radar Detector

Escort RedLine EX Radar Detector

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Drive undetected. ESCORT’s RedLine EX offers exclusive, high-tech dual antennae design and proprietary TotalShield technology for undetectable, uninterrupted transit. A step up from the classic RedLine offering, the RedLine EX incorporates ESCORT’s suite of advanced technologies including GPS Autolearn and ESCORT Live.

Undetectable by radar detector detectors via TotalShield, the RedLine EX offers exclusive stealth advantage. Twin antennae bring extreme defensive range and enhanced protection.

ESCORT’s patented, automatic anti-falsing Autolearn technology utilizes the RedLine EX’s inbuilt GPS to learn and automatically reject undesirable false alarms. No manual intervention is required.

Connect to Escort Live! for enhanced functionality, including crowd-sourced, real-time alerts.

Enhance your experience using the RedLine EX’s web-ready feature to upload the latest fixed threat locations via ESCORT’s own DEFENDER database.

Incorporate ESCORT’s ZR5 laser shifter (sold separately) in your setup for the ultimate in driving defense.


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