It is time to think about winter tires!

It is time to think about winter tires!


Porsche Tequipment winter wheel and tire sets are made with snow, icy, and cold weather conditions in mind. The tire compound in Tequipment winter wheel and tire sets is chemically formulated to help resist hardening due to cold Temperatures. This increases our winter tires’ ability to grip while decreasing braking distance compared to summer or all-season tires in cold conditions. Additionally, our winter wheel and tire combinations have been extensively tested by Porsche so the tires will meet Porsche specifications – as indicated by the ‘N’ designation on the side wall.

Remember, when the temperatures outside drop below 45F your high-performance tires will not grip as designed and thus should be replaced with N-rated winter tires. Even if you don't plan on driving your Porsche in snow the cold temperatures alone are dangerous as the rubber compounds on your summer tires will become stiff and unforgiving and sometimes can provide extremely low level of grip. Even the all-season tires are not as good in extreme winter conditions as dedicated winter tires are, but only provide good "middle of the road" solution. 

Please see the current Porsche winter tire & wheel selection below and please let us know if you have any questions


718 Boxster & Cayman


GT Cars





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